Building the Future in the Buildings of Today

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When looking at new projects, whether it be a public works project, development of a new structure of a home improvement project, having the knowledge of architecture is invaluable. Regardless of the project which is being undertaken, in order to move safely forward on the project knowledge of architecture is critical. Architecture is not only the process of constructing a structure but also drawing and planning for its creation. Architecture looks at every detail of a structure to make sure that it is sound and safe for years to come. Not only is the structure and the way it is built examined,, but also the materials which are used to build the object. Certain materials can be used for particular functions while that same material will not work for other jobs. Having the knowledge of architecture is what helps make these decisions. Architecture is an art of turning paper into reality. Most architecture takes place when building an object such as a bridge or a building. However, having the knowledge of architecture and using its practice will help anyone regardless of the size of their project. When you are working on a project at home, take the time to plan and draw out your steps before hand. This way you’ll be able to plan ahead and avoid the problems before you even start the project. Having the knowledge and strategy of architecture will be incredibly helpful to you in the future.

The Art of Making Lasting Beauty

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When you are someone who is deeply invested in leaving something behind, you cannot go wrong with architecture. If you build well, you might leave behind something that can stand for hundreds of years, and which will make people happy for its entire existence. What design aspects can you use to make things beautiful enough to last the ages?

First, remember that you should always put function first. Much as architecture is an art, you will find that it will not be permitted to last without function. Get the bare bones of function up before you start Read more…

Architecture: The Art of Making Beauty that Will Last

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Architecture and related design fields give shape to the places where we live, play, and travel. Material selection, lighting, the form and function of buildings and exterior spaces, and building height and density are some of the aspects of design that contribute to and ultimately shape our experience of the built environment.

Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Engineering are a collection of design fields that make beautiful places. Unlike other creative fields, the master works created by architects are artistic inventions that can last Read more…

Books on the Architecture of Chicago

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There are lots of things to love about the Windy City, but the most obvious perk is the architecture. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the country with quite the assortment of architectural marvels that Chicago presents.

From the Willis Tower to Marina City, the architecture is both bold and ambitious and you really ought to see it for yourself. However, if that’s just not an option, you can do the next best thing and check out one of the many books devoted to both the city and its architecture.

Chicago Architecture and Design – Jay Pridmore, George A. Larson, Hedrich Blessing
This book celebrates both the city and its architecture. Elements of design and style are explored giving more perspective on the buildings we love and why we love them.

Chicago Architecture: 1885 to Today – The Chicago Architecture Foundation, Edward Keegan, Lynn J. Osmond
This book gives readers a detailed timeline of the architecture and development of the Chicago landscape from the late 19th century to today.

And if books aren’t really your thing, some of these might come in electronic format, as well, with more of an emphasis on the visual aspect, which is really what you came for. All you need is a compatible mobile device and a good wireless service which, if you can get CLEAR Internet in Chicago, you can likely find in your area.

Finding What You Need to Know About Architecture

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A beautiful marvel of architectural design, the new skyscraper that is rising at the former World Trade Center site will be the tallest ever in New York. One World Trade Center is now 100 stories high, and will surpass the famous Empire State Building.

Expected to open next year with 104 stories, One World Trade Center has a mirror-like glass exterior. Some space in the new building has already been leased. The spire of this new building has a close resemblance to both the Empire State Building and Read more…

Getting the Building You Know You Need

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If you ready to build a new building you will want to be sure that you consult an architect. An architect will be able to show you the latest and greatest styles in buildings so that you get the building that you know you need. It’s important in planning for your new building that you are able to have exactly what you need. Whether your building is for commercial use or residential use.

Building architecture has changed Read more…

Finding Your Way Through the World of Architecture

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Architecture has been with us since we lived in caves and wooden huts. Architecture is the process of planning, designing and constructing a physical structure. Finding your way through the world of architecture is not always a simple task, but it is a rewarding one. The structural form of buildings are not only places to live, work and gather, but are also art forms and symbols of the culture. In fact, many historical civilizations are often defined and identified by the architecture of their buildings.

In essence, architecture is a combination of art and engineering. There is Read more…